At&t Service Contract

If you lose your eligibility for a particular wireless service, we may change, remove or replace your wireless service with a service for which you are eligible. If we determine that you are using your device without the correct pricing plan, we reserve the right to upgrade you to the required pricing plan and charge you the appropriate monthly fee. If we change your pricing plan, you can upgrade to another eligible plan. We may apply any appropriate network management practice to improve customer service, reduce network congestion, adapt to technological advances and changes, and/or meet limited availability of bandwidth and wireless spectrum. We can reduce your data rate speeds anytime and anywhere according to your pricing plan. You may terminate or terminate one or more of your AT&T Services at any time. If you wish to cancel an AT&T service, please contact customer service for that AT&T service. The phone number can be found under or, for individual FirstNet users, If you cancel an AT&T service, you may lose the discounts you received by bundling AT&T services. And some of your remaining AT&T services may not work (or work the same way) after canceling one of the bundled services.

AT&T offers more products and services than ever before. To give our customers a better understanding of the different terms and conditions, contracts, and agreements that govern these products and services, we`ve updated many of them and combined them into one optimized agreement – the AT&T Consumer Service Agreement. A very small percentage of customers use the Service in a way that damages the network, affects capacity, affects network performance or service levels, or may interfere with other customers` access to or use of the Service. In the event that AT&T applies a network management practice that applies to your Service, we will provide you with notice by web posting, invoice filing, email, letter and/or other appropriate means describing the network management practice, explaining how it will work, and how it may affect your Service. Wireless Home Internet Services are designed to provide Internet access at a fixed location over wireless networks and include services currently marketed by AT&T as AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet and AT&T Wireless Home Internet. Wireless home Internet services can be physically connected to a location via outdoor-mounted antennas or mobile services that are limited to operating in a specific location due to network-based restrictions. For more information, see the description, plan details, and terms and conditions associated with your particular wireless home Internet service. AT&T also maintains the AT&T Copyright Alert program, which allows copyright owners to notify AT&T of alleged violations of AT&T`s temporary digital network communication services pursuant to 17 U.S..C.

§ 512(a). As part of the program, content owners can notify AT&T of alleged copyright infringement based on information they have independently collected by joining peer-to-peer networks, in accordance with the industry-standard automated copyright notice system. AT&T will then attempt to identify a subscriber account if the content owner has discovered an IP address used by an AT&T subscriber and will forward a copyright warning to the subscriber account, notify the account holder of the claim, and provide information about online copyright infringement. If a Subscriber receives additional notifications, we may temporarily redirect the Account Holder`s broadband Internet access service to a website where the Account Holder must review documents about the meaning of copyright and the lawful use of content available on the Internet. At the end of this review, this redirection will be interrupted and the subscriber`s service will return to normal. If a Participant continues to receive additional warnings after this phase, AT&T may take further action in accordance with 17 U.S.S.C§ 512(i), which may ultimately result in the termination of the Subscriber/Account Holder`s broadband Internet access service. The personal data of account holders will be protected throughout this process. AT&T will not disclose this information to content owners unless required to do so by a court order. For more information on AT&T`s Copyright Alert Program, please visit:

Therefore, AT&T does not guarantee the performance of your end-to-end service. This is also the reason why third-party speed tests that include parts of the entire Internet connection other than the connection itself can produce results that are outside the expected speed range for your particular service plan on the Speed Level page. AT&T expressly disclaims all warranties regarding the results of these third-party speed tests. If you have an invoice dispute, you have 120 days from the date of the invoice to notify customer service of your AT&T service. Otherwise, you have waived your right to challenge the bill and participate in a legal action that triggers this dispute. This limitation period does not apply in a State where such contractual termination provisions are prohibited. For more information on how AT&T helps transfer your information to points on the Internet, how AT&T manages the network, Internet options such as different service capabilities and expected and actual speed ranges, device connection rules, activities that interfere with or may affect your Internet experience, and for more information on network practices related to monthly data usage allowances related to AT&T Internet service, please visit This Arbitration Agreement is extensive and covers disputes of any kind between AT&T (including its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, predecessors, successors and assigns) and you (including authorized or unauthorized users/recipients of services or equipment) under this agreement or prior agreements. We agree that WE waive the right to a jury trial, participation in a class action lawsuit, or remedies that go beyond what is necessary for the individual waiver of AT&T or You ALone and relate only to them. WE AGREE NOT TO ACT AS A PLAINTIFF OR CLASS ACTION PLAINTIFF IN ANY CLASS PROCEEDING OR ALLEGED OR FACTUAL REPRESENTATION, OR AS A PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL OR ON BEHALF OF THE PUBLIC.

With the exception of issues relating to arbitrability or the scope and applicability of the arbitration clause or the interpretation of restrictions on class, representative, private and non-individualized actions, all matters are the responsibility of the arbitrator. The data service must not be used in a way that causes it to contribute excessively to network congestion, impede other clients` access to the network, or impair network performance. These include, but are not limited to: server devices or host computer applications such as webcam publications or continuous broadcasts, automatic data streams or automated machine-to-machine connections; “Autoresponders”, “Cancelbots” or similar automated or manual routines that generate excessive amounts of traffic or disrupt user groups or the use of emails by others; the use of wireless service to replace or backup private lines or full-time or dedicated data connections; Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing services and software or other devices that permanently maintain active Internet connections when a connection would otherwise be inactive or retain “kept alive” functionality. Access to and related services, including an email account for the account holder and all sub-accounts, is usually included in your Internet service. Such access is subject to the terms of use under By using such access, including access to the included email account(s), you agree to be bound by their terms. .